Grow your mission's funding tree one donation at a time

Donor Recognition Trees

Simply put, donor wall trees encourage donations and raise funds by acknowledging donors with a beautiful donor recognition tree display. Not only does it stand as a work-of-art in a prominent physical space, but all donors can feel a part of the cause they have donated to.

Multiple leaf materials and sizes as well as rocks, apples, acorns, animals and a myriad of other accessories allow donor levels to be clearly differentiated.

Our donor trees are manufactured in wood, metals, acrylics and many other materials.

Example donor trees

Donor recognition tree range

We have four major categories of products that can provide your mission with the perfect way to recognize your donors. These range from the small to the large, from the economy to completely custom.

multi-color comtemporary tree


Do you have a vision of a donor tree in your space? With extensive design and fabrication capabilities your vision can be turned into reality.

Our donor trees are manufactured in wood, metals, acrylics and many other mediums, and you can choose from multiple leaf materials. Add a myriad of accessories so donor levels are clearly differentiated.

Blessed Mary Donation Tree


Every person who contributes to your cause deserves a thank you, and that thank you doesn’t need to be expensive, just thoughtful and timely. Our economical donor trees are the perfect way to encourage donations and raise funds on a smaller budget.

Start with one of our affordable 100, 200, 300 or 400 leaf trees with satin-finish gold brass leaves & wooden trunk, then add accessories, as needed.

Jubilee Plaque


Custom designed donor plaques and custom designed donor signage are an excellent way to honor an individual or groups. These can be picture plaques, room dedication plaques and directional plaques, whether indoor or outdoor. Wide range of materials such as: glass, bronze, corian, brass, acrylic, wood, and stainless steel.

Wall Plaque


Memorialize for posterity the donors to a particular campaign with professional wall signage and plaques.

Why Choose Us:


Completed over 1800+ installations of high quality donor recognition, custom displays & commemorative hardware.

Personal Involvement:

The PAX team will work personally with you to craft the perfect solution to meet the needs of your mission

Design to Installation:

From initial design, CAD engineering, fabrication to wall mounting templates & instructions, we’ve got you covered!

Made in USA:

You can have peace of mind that everything is ethically sourced and proudly made in the United States.

Let's Work Together

Simply book time to set up a free consultation with a PAX representative to create your customized donor wall solution. Your free consultation and project quotation is only one step away!